Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fair Share?

I'm sure you have all heard the term "pay their fair share" in the news for quite a while now?  You also know that the "wealthy" and "successful" almost always coincide with the above statement.  The first question that must be asked following this statement is: What is their fair share? 30%? 40%? 50%?  How about 70%?  Maybe 90%?  I'm not sure if you've noticed, but there never is a percentage spoken of when they are talking about the rich paying their fair share.  They only say that the rich need to pay more.  My next question is: Why?  Why do the rich need to pay more?  Right now the top marginal tax rate is 35%.  Is that not enough?  I know that not very many pay that rate.  Normally a rich persons income tax rate is in the 20 percentile range.  Income from dividends and capital gains (investments) is 15%.  Still, why should that rise?  I think the top rate is too high to be honest, but I guess that might just be me. 

Why is punishing success so popular?  When did this country decide that to be successful you must be an evil person.  You must have got successful off the backs of others, you must have cheated, lied, or stolen to get there.  There is no congratulations any more for success.  No one is encouraged to look up to a successful person and try to find out how they did it so you can be successful too.  We are being taught that success is bad and must be discouraged because it is not fair.  (There is nothing wrong with success.  It should always be encouraged.)  This goes along with the idea that the rich need to pay their fair share and why the government, especially progressives and liberals, want to institute punitive taxes like we used to have from the 1940's until Regan got into office.  What these progressives and libs. conveniently forget is that higher taxes mean lower tax receipts into the government coffers.  All higher taxes do is make these feel good politicians feel good about themselves, while the economy stalls and starts going backwards as people are able to keep less and less of their money so their incentive to work hard stalls out as well.  If taxes are kept low, tax receipts into the government coffers get higher.  The main reason for this is that the more money a person is able to keep that they make, the more they are going to work.  As a business, if you get to keep more of your money instead of paying it out in taxes, you will probably higher more people, which in turn creates more taxpayers.  More companies are created as a result of lower taxes as well, again, more tax payers.

This has been proven time and time again.  Calvin Coolidge and Andrew Mellon proved this concept in the 1920's.  JFK proved this concept in the 1960's and Ronald Reagan proved it in the 1980's.  Each cut taxes significantly, (not just a few percentage points,) and tax receipts grew as did the economy.  Now, granted this should go hand in hand with spending cuts by the government, which Coolidge did.  However, that rarely happens.  Although Reagan constantly harassed congress to cut spending, they never obliged.  Had they done so, Reagan would have run surpluses while in office instead of deficits.

I would like to finish this off with one more thought.  If we expect everyone to pay their fair share as many politicians point out.   (Sometimes the insert 'everyone' where they usually put 'rich'.)  They why is it that almost 50% of tax payers in this country pay absolutely zero income taxes.  Many of them receive refunds in excess of what their tax would have been.  How is this fair?

Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Thomas Sowell Reader

I have recently read a very enlightening book The Thomas Sowell Reader by Thomas Sowell. This book contains nearly a half century of Thomas Sowells writings. Mr. Sowell brings common sense, intelligence and philosophy to social issues, economics, politics, race, and more. I highly recommend anyone who wishes to get a fresh perspective on these issues and others like them to pick up his book. I believe you will not be disappointed.

Mr. Sowell is also a regular contributor to http://www.townhall.com. If you wish to get an idea of his writings before purchasing this book then read one of his columns there.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Common Sense?

'What is wrong with everyone?' I have been thinking about this for quite a while now. Do I have the answer? Not even close. All I have is more questions. I do not understand what has happened to the simple concept of common sense that once flourished in this land. People used to know that you shouldn't put your hand under a lawn mower without turning it off first, or that hot coffee was hot, or that you couldn't spend more money than you made in a month and not run into problems. They didn't need to be told this. It was common sense. Nowadays though, common sense is dead. I don't know when it died, probably long before I even realized.

With the death of common sense comes the birth of entitlement. No longer do people wish to work for something or save up for something. Now it has to be instant gratification. If you see something you want you buy it, no matter the cost or the necessity. If you don't have the cash, charge it. Credit card maxed, borrow money from another source. If that doesn't work, complain to the government. They'll help you out.

This mentality has been brought to the forefront in recent months by the 'Occupy Wall Street' crowd. This group started out okay. They had a true gripe. The banks loaned money to people for a house they couldn't afford. After time and enough loans that went belly up, a crisis hit and the banks who made these deals ran into serious problems and the government came in and bailed them out. This is what the protesters were protesting. However, that didn't last long. Soon they started making demands. Not that the banks should close down, or should reimburse all those who lost their homes to predatory lending. No. The protesters wanted more. They wanted their homes paid for. They wanted their college education paid for. They wanted their car(s) paid for. And on and on and on. This turned from a protest with a point into a mob of lazy schlubs who wanted taken care of while they played the latest version of 'Call of Duty'.

These protests are echoes of protests taking place all over Europe. Greece is burning because the government told the people that some of their entitlements will have to be scaled back or the country will go bankrupt. The same thing is happening in France. Instead of the Greeks understanding that the government cannot pay for everything, they are rioting. Socialism is good until you run out of other peoples money. (paraphrased quote by Margaret Thatcher.) We here in America have not seen full scale riots yet, but winter is almost over and the occupy crowd vowed to be back.

One thing that all these protesters/rioters seem to not understand is that the government doesn't have any money until it takes it from someone else. Hence taxes. Another thing they do not understand is that you have to have tax payers for the government to collect those taxes. These tax payers have to make money to pay the taxes, so they have to have jobs to make money. Funny thing about entitlement minded people though is that they want, (what ever it may be), without having to work for it. The government cannot just print money and get away with it, (America is trying though, but they should remember the Wiemar Republic,) someone needs to work and make money so the government can receive a portion of that in taxes. Otherwise you end up 15+ trillion dollars in debt.

My biggest issue is how did we get here? Why did we go here? Do we think we are so great as a country that everything should be given to us? Is this what America is about? I don't think so. I understand how Europe got this way. They have had some form of socialism in their governments for many years, but this isn't America. My idea of America is of a land of opportunity where you can work at whatever job you wish, make as much or as little money as you wish, work as much or as little as you wish. If you fail, you pull yourself back up and try again. If you don't make enough to cover your bills then work some more or lessen the amount of bills you have to pay. It is not the job of the government to cover your bills. It's not the jobe of the government to bail you out if you fail. You are responsible for that. If your job doesn't pay enough, ask for a raise or find another job. No one is too big to fail.

Too many people forget what the government is supposed to do. There are a few main jobs of the government: Military, interstate commerce, infrastructure, and protecting the borders to name a few. Taxes should be just enough for the government to operate and a little extra for emergencies. No more. Taxes should not be as such that they diminish the incentive to work.

America is a great nation, but the path She is on at the moment is very dangerous. Socialism is not the answer. Socialism is destructive. There never has been, nor will there ever be a country that survives on socialism. This however is the direction the entitlement class, the occupy crowd, and even our government want to take us. All I can say is NO!!! You think it is bad now, wait till you see what it's like if we get there.

If you decide to go out and protest this spring and summer, consider if what your protesting is truly good for the country and all people or is it just good for you. Use common sense. Maybe if enough of us use it we can bring common sense back to life.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ron Paul Not "Mainstream?"

Newt Gingrich came out today and lambasted Ron Paul, saying that if Paul were the GOP nominee, he would not vote for him because the congressman's views are "totally outside the mainstream of every decent American." What "mainstream" views are Gingrich talking about?

Ron Paul, as President, wants to:

- Shrink the size and scope of government. The true mainstream Americans want this.

- Audit the Fed and hold it accountable with a provision of eventually shutting it down. Mainstream America, yes.

- Bring all the soldiers, sailors and airmen home and quit fighting wars that do not concern us. Yes.

- Cut wasteful spending and bring outrageous budgets back into par with where they should be. Yes.

- Reduce all harmful taxes to help revitalize this economy and give businesses a reason to expand and hire more employees. Possibly repeal the 16th amendment altogether. Yes.

- Bring honor and integrity back to the office of the President of the United States. Yes.

Mr. Gingrich must be thinking of the mainstream media not mainstream America. We are tired of the b.s. rhetoric, the arrogance, the lies and the waste that is currently Washington D.C. We want someone that actually says what they mean and means what they say. We want someone who will actually work for the interests of the American people and the American future, not their self interests and future careers.

I believe Newt is feeling scared of losing to a real conservative, (or libertarian in Paul's case,) as he cannot honestly call himself a conservative. He praised Mitt Romney's state health care bill in 2006, supported the idea of a government mandate for health care, although now he says he's against it once he saw it in action. I like his John Kerry moment here. "I voted for it before I voted against it." He believes in the unproven science of man made global warming. Newt is on his third wife after cheating on the first two, Paul is still married to the same girl since 1957. Newt also calls Mitt Romney a liberal Republican, (which is true, with progressive leanings,) but Newt needs to put himself in that category as well.

It amazes me how all these candidates can be so short sighted and have such horrible memories. In today's technological age everything they say or do is on camera or recorded in some fashion. And we voters have the real easy ability to go and see what they actually say and do for ourselves. I guess that all that time in D.C. led him to believe he can lie and get away with it, I'm glad to say that Ron Paul is immune to such a disease. I will be giving Ron Paul my vote and if voting for a man who believes, as Regan did, that America's greatest days are still ahead of us puts me outside of the mainstream then so be it. That's where I'll be and I hope you come join me.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Cain to endorse Gingrich?

I must say that all of these allegations against Herman Cain are a little disturbing. First, sexual harassment. Cain pushed those aside by taking a lie detector test and passed. Now however, he is being accused of having an affair with a friend for 13 years. This gave me pause, however I saw all of this as an attempt by the left to discredit the man. He was making huge gains in the polls and could have given President Obama real trouble, so they assassinate his character. To us on the right, character means a great deal. Honor, integrity and honesty are very important to us all.

Well, whatever it was, it worked. Herman Cain dropped out of the Presidential race and now will be a side liner and probably a new cheerleader for the GOP. (I'd prefer a new GOP that 'truly' stands for the core values that they preach.) Now it transpires that Herman Cain will be announcing today that he will endorse Newt Gingrich for President. I guess Cain is not so small government after all.

Newt Gingrich is intelligent, there is no question. He also is a likeable person and speaks well. However, he is a big government Republican. We cannot deny this or get away from this. And big government is what we need to get away from. Seeing Cain endorse Gingrich like this shows me that I was way off on Cain's character. Cain may want to cut taxes, but he has no problem with a big government. I am glad that Cain dropped out, now it is time for a push for Ron Paul.

*Note: Cain officially endorsed Newt on January 28, 2012*

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ron Paul 2012

I have written two posts discussing the reasons I believe Herman Cain would make a good choice as president in the next election. I cannot however say that he is the only good choice. Ron Paul, who is again running for the Republican nominee, is another good choice for president. Ron Paul brings experience and integrity to his campaign. The experience comes from 3 different terms in congress as a representative of Texas, the integrity comes from the simple fact that he says what he means and means what he says. That fact is a big reason why many do not take him seriously. I mean what is the point of having an 'honest' politician? Right?

Ron Paul is one of the very few honest politicians we have. When he says he is going to do something, he does it. When he says he believes in something, he doesn't just say that to get votes, he really believes it. This is truly an oxymoron when you hear the term 'politician'.

One of the biggest reasons Ron Paul is dismissed by many in the main stream is because of his so called 'isolationist' views. However, his views are not truly isolationist. A true isolationist wants America to have nothing to do with any other country period. Ron Paul wants to continue friendships and trading with all the nations we can. His opponents call him an isolationist because he wants to bring all our troops home from every country they are stationed in and shut down all overseas bases. He also wants to stop us from fighting everyone's wars for them. I personally see this as a great thing for the American people and the American military. Ron Paul still wants to have a powerful military, he just doesn't believe we need to have troops stationed in every country to do so. The money saved from shutting down all the bases over seas alone, will help to strengthen our military and make a huge dent into the debt we have incurred over centuries.

I see Ron Paul as another excellent choice for president. He has experience running his own business as a private practitioner in Texas. He also understands economics and the way money works. He has studied Ludwig von Mises and many other Austrian economists. Also F. A. Hayek, who discussed the dangers of socialism in "The Road To Serfdom." Ron Paul knows that the path this country is on today has been followed many times before and always ended up in tragedy for the nations involved.

I personally would love to see a Ron Paul/Herman Cain ticket, or visa-verse. Either one would make a great president and either one would make a great vice-president.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Herman Cain's 9-9-9 Plan

There has been a lot of talk since Herman Cain laid out his new plan for the United States tax system. He calls it his 9-9-9 plan. This plan would wipe out the 80,000 plus pages of the current tax law and replace it with a much simpler and lighter text. His plan is three fold, a 9% income flat tax, a 9% business flat tax and a 9% national sales tax. It has been said that his plan will raise taxes on many American families. Considering the fact that nearly 47% of possible tax payers in this country do not pay taxes at all I am not surprised that this is a possibility.

The flat income tax includes the option of charitable deductions and 'empowerment zones' which are areas of this country where lower income families live and/or work that can receive further deductions. The business tax is based on gross income with deductions on capital investments, purchases from other American based businesses and their net exports. This tax also includes 'empowerment zones' similar to the income tax. Finally the national sales tax is not an add-on tax but a replacement tax. It is based on the idea that because business taxes are considerably less due to one single tax, the price of production will be less which in turn will make the price of the product less. As an end result, Herman Cain plans to do away with the income tax and business tax altogether, plus repeal the 16th amendment. All that will be left is a national sales tax. I have never really been a fan of the 'fair tax', but after reading his proposal it makes sense.

This plan has its merits and possible flaws. The main flaw would be that the national sales tax could be raised again and again by an irresponsible congress. The 'empowerment zones' in the income tax and business tax could be enlarged to include those individuals or companies that do not need any assistance to pay taxes. Members of congress can also use this to reward their contributors. Also, this new income tax will require everyone to pay taxes and as I have stated above, 47% of Americans do not pay taxes at this time. However, this is where the 'empowerment zones' come into effect.

Mr. Cain's plan is bold. I believe that it is a win-win for the American people. This plan will create millions of jobs because businesses have more money. Spending will also increase because the price of products will be less. And in the end you will be able to control your tax burden each year by what you decide to purchase when all we have is a national sales tax left.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Occupy Wall Street?

For more than a month people have been "occupying Wall Street" to protest the actions of, well, I really doubt they know what they are there for. This has expanded and now there are "occupy" protests going on all over the country and even taking place in many other nations around the world. Right after the "occupy Sacramento" protests started, one protester was asked why they were there and he stated basically that he didn't know why they were there but they would work on the reason and get back to the questioner.

I believe that these protests are nothing but a group of people looking for more handouts. Some protesters in New York stated plainly that they wanted banks to forgive all debt. (How do they expect that to work?) Others have stated that they believe college education, food, housing, even luxuries should be free.

Some of theses protests have turned into little more than a new version of Wood Stock with sex and drugs running rampant. Now that includes theft. Yesterday it was reported that the Wall Street protesters are being plagued with thieves among their own ranks. Cameras, cell phones, laptops and other expensive items have turned up missing. This is not surprising if you notice that many of them are looking for free stuff anyway.

The bottom line is that these protesters are nothing more than a group of anarchists, morons, malcontents and fools who would rather make trouble and be useful idiots than do something worthwhile and be productive members of society. These people believe in socialism, redistribution of wealth and using strong arm tactics to get what they believe they are entitled to, whether they have earned it or not. There is every possibility that these protests will turn violent and end up becoming riots. They claim that they are peaceful, but after nearly 700 arrests in one day a few weeks ago, peaceful is the last thing on their minds.

Do not be fooled by certain media outlets that claim these protesters represent the majority of Americans or that they honorable and brave for standing up to Wall Street. Less than 1000 slackers is nothing but a group of fringe cooks.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Is Herman Cain a good choice?

Herman Cain, a GOP Presidential hopeful, has made a lot of noise in the last month and has risen rapidly to be one of the top contenders in recent polls. With all of this said is he a good choice for president?

I would have to say yes.

Herman Cain, former CEO of Godfathers Pizza, former Vice President of Pillsbury and former regional Vice President of Burger King, has been a successful business manager. He has taken under performing and failing businesses and made them profitable. Through all this Cain has learned how to cut expenditures without cutting quality to increase profitability and keep the public coming back. In short he understands how to make business work.

In these troubled times that America is facing, with record deficits, high unemployment, skyrocketing national debt and the possibility of it all getting worse looming on the horizon, I believe that Herman Cain is the right choice to send to Washington D.C. With his experience in business he will be able to cut deficits and trim programs that do not work or are costing more than they should.

Herman Cain's plans for America are simple, yet can be very effective. Simply put he believes in cutting back excessive regulations on businesses, cutting the tax burden for "all" Americans, not just a select class, reforming entitlement programs to coincide with America in the 21st century, supporting the military with any and all equipment and training necessary to get the job done and win, giving real support to the veterans who have served our country bravely and sacrificed and cutting the size of government to what it is supposed to be by returning many powers back to the states that the federal government never should of had in the first place.

Herman Cain is a candidate that you should consider for president. To learn more about him, go to www.hermancain.com.

Friday, August 14, 2009

The 5000 Year Leap

The 5000 Year Leap has to be one of the greatest non-fiction books that I have ever read. If you have not read it yet you need to. This book discusses the principles that our Founding Fathers followed when they developed the Constitution of our country. It goes into detail how they applied 'Natural Law' to our Republic to guarantee that the citizens of this great country will always remain free. I have had the pleasure to attend a class on this book that is being taught by a gentleman who studied with the author, Dr. W. Cleon Skousen. If you have the opportunity to attend a class on The 5000 Year Leap I greatly recommend it, if not then read it with some friends and discuss it while you do. This will allow you to get more information out of the book than just reading it by yourself.

The more that I read and learn about what our Founding Fathers designed to be America, the more I do not understand why we are in the situation that we are in today. In our Republic, every citizen is truly free. We have rights that are given to us by our Creator and guaranteed to be protected by our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Because of this freedom everyone in our Republic has the ability to do as they please and work for as much or a little as they like. Everyone has the opportunity to be rich, they also have the opportunity to be poor. Everyone has the right to succeed or fail as they see fit. No one is held back, no one is put upon or discriminated against because truly 'all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.' We have a right to live, we have a right to be free and we have a right to pursue whatever we desire. This last one has been misconstrued many times, we have a right to pursue happiness, however that does not guarantee us that we will succeed in that pursuit. Success or failure is up to us.

However, we now supposedly live in a Democracy, when it changed or why I do not know. Under this Democracy our nation has changed, we now are not truly free, people are being held back or told they are not intelligent enough or strong enough to succeed. Many are being discriminated against either because of race, religion, gender or a number of other reasons. Many have lost the right to life, we are loosing our right to liberty and instead of having the right to pursue happiness we now are told we need to be equal in our successes and failure is being stopped by bailouts. It is time that we drop the Democracy attitude that has been adopted in our nation. We are not a Democracy. America is and always has been a Republic, we are a nation ruled by law, that law is the Constitution of the United States of America. With your help America will always be a Republic as well.

Educate yourselves, learn what it means to be a citizen of America, read the words of the Founding Fathers, especially George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and James Madison. Start by reading The 5000 Year Leap and move on from there. Once you have read this book, then move on to The Real George Washington, The Real Thomas Jefferson, The Real Benjamin Franklin, The Heritage Guide to the Constitution, Common Sense and many more. Education is the key to the success of restoring our Republic, an educated population will never be enslaved.